Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy busy!

2day go out 2 animal resort,den go to see vet,den go ang mo kio,den go for tution,den go to kinda weirdo coffeeshop,den cum home.hahas not much activity.lols

Friday, January 15, 2010

Memoirs of the journey

Going home

Wow!So much fun!

It's so exciting!

Hi,sorry for not posting for many months but I was very happy and busy yesterday!Above are two pictures of my self and my best friend Jessica in the Science Centre playing with art which you 'cannot hold in hold your hands' because they were light images but you still can play and draw because there was a special computer,pen and projector.We sure had a lot of fun!Well,I'll now tell you why we are here.My mother brought my friend and I to the Science Centre to view an eclipse but it was too cloudy to see it so we thought we'll leave the observatory nd come back at 4.00 pm to see the best view at 4.23 pm.And during all that time,we had the most fun ever!There is this time when Jessica took a photo of me.It showed a tall,muscular and sun-tanned body wearing a heavy belt with my head on it!Imagine me,aren't that funny?We continued to play and explore until 4.oo pm and went back to the observatory but it's still very cloudy and when I looked through the telescopes,I don't see anything at all!I was very frustrated.For the first and second eclipse of the millenium,I was unable to see the eclipse because of the same clouds!But I don't care I stayed to wait for the clouds to clear until it started to rain.We went back to the Science Centre but decided to go to the gift shop first before we went back in and bought a pair of mood rings as memoirs of this day.When we went back in,we decided to go and find the chick hatchery and looked at all the inventions and discovery nearby.And when my watch ticked to 6.00 pm,we had no choice but to leave the Science Centre.While leaving,I took a long time to come out because I felt sad to leave.The time passed by so quickly,what we all could do is play with some inventions outside the Science Centre and jump on a trampoline we had so much fun until my mother called us back to McDonald's to eat our snacks,cup corn and french fries.Yummy!After I finished my cup corn, I took our french fries and headed for the car and left.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Waah...Today so lonely and do nothing but attend classes!When will this stop?Yawn...

Monday, April 20, 2009


Yesterday,I went prawn was lots of fun!It is the first time Iwent prawn fishing!My 21 years old cousin and her boyfriend taught me how to fish for the prawns.I spent the most time learning to fish with my cousin's boyfriend.I took about an hour to catch one prawn but my brother took a half hour to catch two prawns!Hey!I only fished up one prawn while my brother fished up three prawns!It's NOT FAIR!Then we barbecued them at a barbeque pit nearby.I put the real live prawns on sticks but when they moved so suddenly,they frightened me that I dropped them on the table!1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...everybody has caught nine prawns altogether!Then we barbequed them and ate them.And everyone kept giving me prawn heads because they know that I really loves eating prawn eyes while my brother roasts the brain as its his favourite part of the prawn!Haaa...Then we went home happily together.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Bored at home, nothing to do but play with my dog!I am booooooored!Booooooored!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun Time!

Today, I went to the Escape Theme Park with my bro, mum and dad. We got a lot of fun, and very wet! Haaa... We went on the go-kart first. That time I was grumpy. Do you know why? Because I was still not tall enough to drive the kart! Next, we rode on the Wet and Wild. Yippee! This is my first time on this! Since I had not rode it for 10 years when I was a 1 year old! I went on the ride with my dad, but he got wetter than me! We went to catch up with my mum and bro who went to try other rides. We found my mother lining up for the bumper boats for me. Drats! I wanted to dry myself under the scorching sun, but I have to get wet again! Then I sneaked off to the Kite Flyer to dry myself in the wind while flying! But my mum found me and took me to the Burger King to eat lunch. Then I went to the Roller Coaster! My favourite! I did not notice that my bro won a soft toy even thought he wanted the basketball pillow so he gave the soft toy to me. We left the Amusement Park to go cycling. Phew! That was fun and I was exhausted!